Insurance and Fleet Clients

Welcome to Vantage Point Canada

Vantage Point Claims Solutions is Canadian owned and based in Halifax, Nova Scotia,  we work with insurance companies & fleet companies to assist in managing their auto damage and auto glass loss claims.  Our goal is to service your company’s clients (insureds) as good as or better than you could.

Vantage Point Claims Solutions with Vantage Auto Glass Network creates a competitive advantage for Insurance Companies and Fleet companies by:

  • Maintaining and improving customer satisfaction and customer retention
  • Reducing administrative costs
  • Serve as your Call center 24 hours per day or after hours
  • Calls can be recorded
  • Administrative services
  • Indemnity costs

When using our network shops, glass repairs are guaranteed against leakage, faulty materials and craftsmanship.  Insureds can feel secure that our shops stand behind their work, and so does Vantage Point Claims Solutions.

The professionals at Vantage Point Canada and its affiliates are dedicated to serving clients with value and dependability while supporting your goals and enhancing your value experience.

Sound interesting? For more information on how we can help your company visit our contact Us page