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Vantage Point Glass & Claims aims a unique partnering system of companies in the Canadian auto glass industry, focused on forming a movement to organize independently owned auto glass shops to help them obtain buying power and market share.  Strength in our group comes from the desire of each of our members to improve and grow their own businesses in an environment that is healthy and supportive.

“Bet your thinking, will I even get any VALUE out of this?”

We are not owned by an insurance company or our local/national glass suppliers so that puts you at a better vantage point without biases toward certain companies looking out for their companies bottom line!  You actually can compete!

Vantage Point Claims & Auto Glass gives every qualified auto glass installer, whether exclusively mobile, exclusively shop or offer both a fair chance to compete for windshield repairs and replacements from fleet or insurance work.  We want you to thrive, be profitable and competitive.

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Want more jobs?  We can help!

We are constantly looking to expand our coverage and provide more options for customers and network glass shops.

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What You Get:

  • Jobs (Customers to help, give value and make happy)
  • First Choice for referrals (Customer marketing)
  • Online and Marketing Exposure
  • Industry Updates and communication
  • Free Referrals
  • Extended Atlantic Canada warrantee service option

Invoice Processing:

  • Insurance billing (you get paid sooner)
  • Credit card processing
  • Fleet Card processing

What we are working on:

  • Future online Invoicing point of sale program
  • website & email
  • marketing tools
  • access to health plans
  • management tools
  • computer skills and training
  • operational support
  • Selling skills and training

Online Benefits to Joining the Vantage Network

Vantage Point Auto Glass1. Virtually everyone researches online – Google statistics report that 97% of people do their research online before going to a store or contacting the business about products and services. This means we can get you that call for your products and services

2. ROI (Return on Investment) – Often times it only takes a few phone calls and emails before a website pays for itself and many businesses can make a good living just on online leads alone. In the glass business that’s easier said than done. Being part of the Vantage Glass network and will make this job easier without all the start up costs of hosting a website.

3. Your Business Credibility – As part of the Vantage Point Claims and Glass Network you get credibility. Virtually any company that stands for anything these days has a link, a page or association on the internet. People while searching want to see your name, your credentials and your warrantees.

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